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Mobile Apps Development

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Our team of professionals app developers knows the best about your needs and how to fulfill them. Working with the best mobile app development company in the market will surely give you the best results. Association with Trion Technologies will not only bring success to you but will also help you in being different from others in the market.

Your needs will always be our priority and to abide by our code of professionalism we will ensure to serve you the best always.

How are we different from others?

• Highly skilled team of mobile app creator.

• Innovative ideas of web application development.

• Complete work within deadline.

• Cost effective services of mobile software development.

• Complete professional support.



Creating new efficient applications for the operating system is Android app development. Java is the basic programming language that is preferred for android development. However, there are other programming languages also which cater to specific needs of app development. Our app developers work by at first realising the needs of our customers. Then we work on fulfilling it by putting in relevant ideas. We are the web development company in Gurgaon that has the answers.

Android Apps created by us:-

• Flicbook

• Milkman

• Relaxo

• Zippcab

• 3HM

ios development company


IOS development is usually done to make software run on Apple hardware. This operating software has been developed by Apple Inc. It also powers and makes software is run on devices of other companies including, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We are the ios development company that develops ios applications with efficiency. It’s has increasing demand in the market.

IOS Apps created by us:-

• Flicbook

• Milkman

• Relaxo

cordova-application-flow-chart CORDOVA DEVELOPMENT

It was created by Nitobi. Afterwards adobe system bought Nitobi and rebranded this popular mobile application development framework as PhoneGap. Sooner, an Open source version of it came into the market named as Apache Cordova. It basically helps in developing multitasking applications. We work on cordova as per the requirements of our customers.



It helps us in developing hybrid application which runs on android, ios or windows with the help of inbuilt tools and services using certain web technologies such as CSS, HTML5, and Sass. It is a completely open source SDK. We work in ionic to develop software only on specific demands of the clients.

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